Dead from Hollywood 
Tombstone Alley movie
  Count & Countess Von Dreck

You have seen them on "Strange Universe", the "SciFi Channel Buzz", Canal Plus "Phenomena" and in the "L.A. Times" and countless magazines, not to mention at horror, tattoo and art conventions.

For your viewing pleasure (or displeasure if THAT is your preference) you have arrived at your final destination.  Feast your mortal coil on the grave Cemetery and Gargoyle photographs taken by the Count; satisfy your carnal appetite with the Countess' wet vulgar art and fall into your innermost nightmares with the near suicidal poetry of the Countess (you have been forewarned!)

Beware of the bleeding Valentine

Experience the wacky antics of the Count & Countess Von Dreck as you view clips from their tv show, Tombstone Alley. Special just for Halloween, you might want to venture onto the Halloween Gallery Page where the three faces of Leatherface are sure to assault and overload your senses.  Explore the surreal world as the Von Drecks skillfully glide you through the netherlands of Hollywood's underbelly and beyond in their 1963 Cadillac Hearse. Then, if you still have the stomach for more, there are always the killer klownz.

Buckle up for safety, lock all the doors and ready your Bloody Marys and popcorn. The Count & Countess are invading your cyberspace (and raiding your refrigerator).  



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updated 6-30-2013

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